Make Norway your Next Travel Destination for Mesmerizing Vacations

Visiting a different nation would be an exciting prospect for the entire family. However, a casual approach towards your personal safety could turn your enthusiasm into tragedy in no time. You have to be extra cautious in unknown places, especially those you are discovering for the first time. Possibility of ending up at the receiving end would be reasonably high at such places. International travelers or vacationers have frequently reported of experiencing violence and crime in a foreign place. Travelers are not likely to know attitude of other people in foreign places they visit for vacations. Accordingly, your personal safety has to be your main concern at all times, especially when visiting a foreign nation.

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In order to have the best holidays experience in Europe, you cannot rule out Norway. It would not be wrong to suggest that Norway has been the most exhilarating place to spend your holidays with your loved ones. Traveling to Norway would take you to a wonderful destination where you could avail the chance to enjoy a rich mixture of culture, heritage and cuisine. Irrespective of your plan to stay in Norway, you could be rest assured that there is not going to be a single dull moment to the extent of your stay. For more information on your tour to Norway, you could log on to

Find below some of the most picturesque locations that you must surely visit.

Oslo, the Norwegian Capital

In case, you have been looking for a Viking culture along with a healthy dose of art and history museums, you should definitely visit Oslo, Norway. A small Norwegian capital by most respects packs a surprisingly large collection of historic museums. These museums could be easily accessible from the city center. You can experience the wealth of Scandinavian architecture, both modern and historic.

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For people visiting Oslo for the first time are bound to be overwhelmed by city’s offerings. Find below some of the top tourist destinations in Oslo, Norway.

Royal Palace

You may not be able to compare them to British royalty, but Norway still has their Kings and Queens reside in the Royal Palace. Also known by the name ‘slottet’, it was originally constructed in the year 1824 for the Norwegian-Swedish King, Charles III. However, the palace was renovated and restored to its original magnificence in 1990s. The palace has been made open for public during the summer months of June to August.

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Oslo City Hall

The Oslo City Hall has made its claim to fame, as Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in this very place every year. The place is also renowned for being the seat of Oslo’s city council. The city hall building was inaugurated in the year 1950. The exterior might not appear very exciting, but has an impressive interior. The city hall offers a striking view of the harbor. The city hall has been located on the Fridtj of Nansens Plass. It remains open on weekdays during the business hours.

National Museum of Art

The National Museum of Art has been a home to the world’s highly recognized painting known as The Scream. In addition, the museum has a wide collection of both International and Norwegian art.

National Museum of Art