Types of Golf Packages Available

When you go golfing, sometimes you want more than just to get away for a few hours. With all the types of holiday packages, you will not be surprised to find that there are many created just for golf lovers. What are your options for golfing holidays if you live in Australia?

Types of Golf Packages Available2

Golf and Wine

In Adelaide, you can choose a golf-plus-wine holiday. This holiday was created for those who love both golf and wine. You will be able to choose between two golf holiday packages. The first one is a shorter vacation, lasting only three nights. This first package includes wine tasting at the golf courses where you choose to play your rounds. The second package is the same basic holiday experience; however, you will be staying in the hotel for six nights, allowing you more time to enjoy golfing and wine tasting.

Types of Golf Packages Available

If you enjoy wine as much as golf, this is an excellent choice as it enables you to enjoy two different favourite pastimes at once. You can choose to use this holiday as a solo getaway, or you can bring friends and family.  By choosing the second holiday package, you will have more time to do a little sightseeing if you are not familiar with the Adelaide area. Some popular Adelaide sightseeing attractions are the central markets, the beach, the Adelaide oval tour, and Kangaroo Island. These options can all be yours by choosing a golf and wine holiday in Adelaide.

Golf in New Zealand

On the other hand, you can make your holiday even more unique by visiting New Zealand. By choosing a New Zealand holiday, you get the experience of exploring a whole new country. This holiday can be more expensive, as you will also need to pay for a round trip flight. However, the sights are amazing. You can choose to spend up to seven nights in New Zealand (recommended since you are already paying for the flight anyway). You can also choose whether you would like a package that offers you seven nights in the same location or seven nights in up to three different locations. This second option will give you more opportunity to explore the New Zealand area when you are not golfing. Also, it will give you the opportunity to play on a variety of golf courses.

Types of Golf Packages Available1

Some packages even include car rental during these days so that you can not only reach your golf course but also do some sightseeing. What sights are popular? One of the most popular visitor destinations is the Sky Tower, which is the tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere. You will really not regret this opportunity to see the views it has to offer. Additionally, visitors like to visit Huka Falls and Auckland. You can have an amazing opportunity for a golfing holiday that includes the time and the means to see some famous sights in New Zealand.

These two packages are two of the most popular options for golf lovers taking a holiday.